the metaverse is now under your control

In the Imperium Empire, players are in control of the landscape of the metaverse. Fight epic space wars, discover distant lands, stake your claim on cosmic regions, become savvy bounty hunters, and more with your guild. Thousands of star systems, galactic territories, and alien planets are at your fingertips — the metaverse is yours for the taking!



There will be many asteroids scattered across the various zones in the Imperium metaverse, which contain many different types of ores that the players can use for different purposes (e.g. for building and upgrading land structures such as starbases, refineries, storage facilities, etc.). Some spaceships are specifically designed for mining. Players can also fit a wide variety of mining equipment (mining lasers, asteroids scanners, cargo extension, etc.) to increase mining efficiencies and capacities for different types of asteroids. Mined ores need to be refined in player or guild owned refineries - once refined, they can either be sold for IMC, or be used by players/guilds to construct buildings on lands.



Upon destroying other spaceships (whether player-owned or NPC pirate ships), winners of battles will have the opportunity to loot any destroyed ships and claim their assets as their own, while the other side will need to retreat and regroup — at a loss. PvP battles between players or guilds in the Imperium Empire is high-risk, but high-reward.


Seansonal Tournaments

Upon the official launch of Imperium Empires, seasonal guild tournaments will be held from time to time. Guilds that make it to the top leaderboard based on a range of factors (such as the most regions and landmarks occupied, kill count, etc. will be rewarded additional IME tokens



Any in-game items (e.g. mined ores or ship components) in the Imperium metaverse need to be transported from one location to another, before they can be sold. Therefore, players need to engage skilled haulers to transport goods and materials from one location to another, especially if it involves travelling through different zones. While goods and materials are in transit, other players are free to intercept by engaging in combat with the players transporting them. Upon destroying the ships containing any cargo, players can loot and claim the items as their own (but at a reduced value of the original value of those items).


Co-op Missions

Pirate activities are commonplace in the Imperium metaverse, they are notorious in ambushing haulers, and some gained considerable wealth by looting cargo dropped from destroyed ships. Therefore, if you ever run into any pirate groups, be sure to call upon your guild-mates, gather enough fire power and take the pirates down. You can loot the destroyed pirate spaceships, and may well be surprised by how large their war chests are!



Creating spaceships and building other in-game assets requires time, resources, and the right blueprint. To get them, players can conduct research and development to upgrade technologies and unlock blueprints. You can produce powerful spaceships through blueprint NFTs. Blueprints can also be sold in the marketplace.


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